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Monday, 18 Jan 2021
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Tropical Carnival Band Launch 2019

Tropical Carnival “Soaring | Ruler of the Skies” Presents: Sip & Mingle. Jan 20th 2019.  Kids & Pre Teens Sections from 4pm to 6pm. Adult Sections from 7pm to 9pm.  Come out with your friends and enjoy our Sip and Mingle with 20 participants interacting and showcasing what we will be presenting for St.Maarten Carnival 2019. […]

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Sxm Talks radio will not just bring you music locally, regionally, and internationally but it will give you ALL yes ALL entertainment news. The GOOD, BAD, AND DOWNRIGHT UGLY. But wait there is more, you are listeners will be able to interact with us whether it is via or chatroom or whatsapp calling. Oh yea […]

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DJ EM aka The Explosion Master, had an interest in music from the tender age of 9, starting off playing with old cassette decks from his uncles in Suriname. This passion for music did not stop there as he pursued his dreams of becoming a DJ legend like one of Suriname’s top DJ’s Splashmaster Gilly. […]

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